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  • Nigerians may not object to internet shutdowns to stop kidnapping. But did we object to SARS being set up to stop robbery?

    No-one would object to the government doing everything in its…

    by admin
  • Digital Democracy: NASS Playing Donkey Business with Electronic Transfer of Votes

      There seems to be a lot of donkey business…

    by admin
  • The only thing worse than a ban on Twitter is a ban on Twitter that doesn’t work!

    This decision has clearly been taken because the government thinks…

    by admin
  • Nigeria is falling apart! How are we going to fix it?

    The 2023 election may feel like a long way off,…

    by admin
  • A nation that only exists on paper? Osinbajo is right – leaders must speak up in the name of unity if Nigeria is to endure

      I am almost as old as Nigeria itself –…

    by admin
  • 1 in 4 Nigerians don’t trust the government to save their lives. And that’s a problem

    Nigeria’s rollout of the coronavirus vaccine had begun – and…

    by admin
  • Uganda elections 2021: Facebook shuts government-linked accounts

    Facebook has shut down accounts it says are linked to…

    by admin
  • 2023 elections and danger of ‘deepfake’ technology to Nigerian democracy

    In 2018, Nigeria suffered international embarrassment when President Muhammadu Buhari…

    by admin
  • On INEC, digital democracy and public trust

    The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has apparently turned its…

    by admin
  • Why Bitcoin ban undermines digital progress and damages public trust

    Nigeria’s latest anti-corruption chief, Abdulrasheed Bawa has his work cut…

    by admin
  • Need to safeguard Nigeria’s democracy with constitutional amendment

    Myanmar recently sees internet blackouts followed by a military coup.…

    by admin
  • Why investing in Lagos offers a great return, by Sanwo-Olu

    Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has enumerated reasons why investing…

    by admin
  • Technology alone won’t make Nigeria a digital leader

    New figures show that Nigeria has the highest number of…

    by admin
  • With “super-Covid” in Nigeria and infections rising, our children need free data

    During the first coronavirus lockdown, I appealed for the government…

    by admin
  • Nigeria’s use of digital technology to improve its politics rated as “improving”

    A study into Nigeria’s progress towards becoming Africa’s first digital…

    by admin
  • Don’t spy on our phones, use them to engage us to avoid another #EndSARS

    Imagine the government demanded that we download an app to…

    by admin
  • Joe Biden trusts a Nigerian to run his economy – so why don’t Nigerians?

    United States President-elect Joe Biden’s appointment of Nigerian-born Adewale Adeyemo…

    by admin
  • Mo Ibrahim Index and the damning indictment on governance in Nigeria

    Sixty per cent of 10 Africans live in a country…

    by admin
  • A defeated president uses social media lies to cling to power – could it happen here?

    Defeated and discredited, humiliated and humbled, Donald Trump continues to…

    by admin
  • INEC is wrong: We need MORE digital democracy to build trust in our political process

      The Independent National Electoral Commission has apparently turned its…

    by admin

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